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John Brenkus

  • 6x Emmy-Award Winning Creator, Host, & Producer, Sport Science

  • NYT/WSJ/USA Today Best-Selling Author, The Perfection Point

  • TV, Film, Documentary Director and Producer

  • The Brink of Midnight Podcast with John Brenkus

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Musician



John Brenkus partners with innovative brands that are elevating the way our culture thinks about sports, leadership, and change.

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Watch current “Soul and Science” segments and episodes on The NFL Network and Thursday Night Football


Motivational Speaker


John has spoken and keynoted around the world to audiences from the TED stage, in higher education, and Fortune 500 companies.

Common topics include: Leadership, The Modern Athlete, Athletic Performance, Design, Lessons from the World's Best Athletes, Competition, Competitive Advantage, Technology in Sport, Performance and Injury Analytics, Human Performance, and more.

Inquire HERE about booking John as a speaker at your event.


After hosting over 1500 segments of "Sport Science," 6x Emmy Award-winning host and NYT Best-selling author, John Brenkus, recognized that high achievers tend to share a similar story of attaining success that's driven by hard work and tough choices, accompanied by some moments that are simply divine. 
Through THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST John explores the moments that guests credit with changing their lives forever... those that pushed them in an unexpected direction, shaping the experiences that followed and molding them into the people who they are today. 
This podcast is all about good news and features positive messages, inspiring our audience to live a fulfilling, authentic life. Guests include luminaries in sport, entertainment, and business, including Ray Lewis, Larry Fitzgerald, Dr. Michael Gervais, Adam Carolla, Dr. Oz, Rob Riggle, Def Leppard, Gary Vaynerchuk, Fred Funk, among many others.

BRAVO! Thoughtful and inspiring!
This is for sure the most inspiring podcast I’ve listened to!
Thank you for adding value to my life!

TV Host

John co-created SPORT SCIENCE and has been the Host and an Executive Producer since its inception in 2007. The show originally debuted on Fox Sports, and two years in, ESPN acquired the brand and rights. To date, John has appeared in over 1500 segments and has won six Emmy Awards.

John currently co-hosts Soul and Science with Trent Dilfer on The NFL Network.

Film and TV Producer

John, along with his business partner (Mickey Stern), built BASE Productions and it's subsidiaries over an 18 year period (starting in the basement of John’s parents’ house) and sold it to the Tinopolis Group in 2011.  During those years, John and Mickey made hundred of hours of television that appeared on nearly every major cable outlet. 

Best Selling Author

#1 Barnes&Noble
#3 Amazon
#4 NYT Bestseller List
#5 Publisher's Weekly
#7 WSJ


“Beyond fascinating. An imagined scenario...accompanies each chapter. They aren’t just hypothetical vignettes but truly moving accounts that move beyond sports journalism and approach literature.”

—The Independent 

”Fascinating reading!”
—Booklist (*starred review)

“Sure to spark debate in sporting and scientific circles,  the book is engagingly written, well argued, and —even when  the conclusions seem almost science-fictiony— entirely plausible.”
—Sunday Times of London

”Hugely entertaining. A deft hand for imparting suspense...enjoyable fictional mini-scenarios. The chapter on competitive breath-holding is a winner.”
—Wall Street Journal

”If you’re interested in understanding the American character, there are plenty of texts to consult— including, of course, the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence and Alexis de Tocqueville’s meditations on this country. Here’s another work to add to the mix: John Brenkus’s “The Perfection Point,” about the absolute limits of human athletic performance.”
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Ray of Hope Foundation is dedicated to uplifting those in dire need through sharing personalized videos – “rays of hope” – from the many luminaries and game-changers who support our charitable purpose.  We feel that by shining a positive light into the life of someone who may be struggling with hardships, there is tremendous power to motivate the inspiration for escaping from the darkness.



John and with wife, Lizzie, released a Christmas song called “Christmas is my Favorite Time of Year” (2014), which charted at #30 on the AC chart as the only unsigned act. Taking the inspiration from their Christmas song, John and Lizzie launched the band BRINK OF MIDNIGHT in 2016.

WAKE UP YOUR SOUL and others in the forthcoming EP build on chiming riffs, soaring vocals and rhythmic hooks that catch the ear and refuse to let go. No grandstanding or over-produced balladry here, this is sleek rock with pop, polished to a shine but not at the expense of smoothing over all the occasional rough edges.
— Buzz McClain, music critic